Monday, 13 November 2017

nearly a month's worth!

I finally managed to sort all the blog posts on here - as blogged about here - to reload all 9 years' worth of photos in. Phew - that was a long and arduous task, let me tell you. Anyway, it's done now so back to "normal" - whatever the heck that might be!

Because it's been a good wee while since I posted anything I've made - I just checked and it was the 17th of October that I last showed anything. That's nearly a month ago!! Anyway, there's a lot to show so I'm going to just post photos with as few words as possible. Not like me, I know! LOL

So, let's start with some pinnies:

Next some oven gloves

Some bags:

Then I did some cross-stitch pictures on my embroidery machine.

Next I embroidered some teatowels.

I made a denim skirt for Debbie.

I sewed a quilt top for Debbie. It's already pinned to a fleece and I just need to quilt it and bind it. Hopefully this week.

I finished knitting this Santa weeks ago but I finally sewed him up and stuffed him today.

And lastly a couple of stegosauruses (stegosauri??) which I made today on my embroidery machine. In this photo, they still need their gaps sewn shut - that's all done now.

Phew. That's a whole lot of sewing I've been doing!