Wednesday, 17 August 2016

lost my mojo!

I seem to have lost my sewing mojo. I wonder where it went? Is it on its summer holidays? It's certainly not here with me. I keep looking for it but can't find it anywhere. I hope it comes back soon - I'm beginning to feel a wee bit antsy without it!

The only thing my sewing machine has done recently was to hem a pair of curtains. I hadn't intended getting green ones but they were on sale in Ikea and who am I to turn down a bargain?

I keep looking at them and thinking "they go with the grass"! Ridiculous to think your curtains go with the grass? Let me tell you, that's about the sanest thought I've had for a while! LOL

Whilst my sewing machine is waiting for the mojo to return, I've been doing a wee bit more playing on my embroidery machine. There's no project in mind for any of these - and you don't know how hard that is for me. I can actually hear voices in my head (told you I was losing it, didn't I?) asking me "what are you going to do with these? what's the point in making them if you don't know what you're going to do with them?". I've told those voices to shut up and mind their own business a time or two!

Anyway, here are the no-project-in-mind-at-the-moment appliqués. My fingers are in the photos to give the scale.

Here's where the no-project-in-mind-at-the-moment appliqués hang for now. I quite like seeing them there. At least the embroidery mojo hasn't gone on its summer holidays! What would I do if it did? Housework??? Aaaaaargh!

The only other thing I've made recently was a batch of Meg's biscuits. Sadly they're all finished now so I suppose I could bake something else but - and who would ever think I'd say something like this? - it's too hot here to bake!!! Incredible, don't you think? Scotland? Too hot to bake? I never thought I'd say such a thing! *gasp*

The recipe for these is here.

If anyone sees my mojo, please send it home. I miss it so much!

Friday, 5 August 2016

baby quilt done and musical bags

I finished the strips baby quilt this week. I LOVE it!

I decided I wanted to make myself a new bag to take to Singers when we restart in September so went ahead and embroidered this design on what I hoped would be one side of the bag. The denim in this photo is really washed out - the true colour can be seen on the bag at the bottom of this post.

This is actually a slightly botched version of it because, when I first embroidered it, I used a blue colour for the word "listening" and it really got lost on the denim background. I decided to unpick the word and do it again in pink. It took me 2 hours to unpick it! (I was watching telly at the time so it wasn't as if I'd wasted good sewing time doing it.)

Next day, when I went to re-do the word, I didn't get the alignment quite right and "listening" is just slightly squint. To be honest, I wasn't too sure from the start if I wanted this design on the bag and all the messing around didn't help so I went for another option altogether. I did a test run first - learned my lesson!

When I made the bag - this time in calico - I changed the colours of the treble clef and the surrounding circle.

I put a wee pocket inside the bag for my pencils.

I didn't want to waste the denim I'd already cut out and, since I had enough denim to cut another bag piece, I went ahead and did a test piece of an appliqué of music notes.

Then I did the same design on the bag and this is how it looks. Fab! (This photo shows the true colour of the denim.)

I lined it with the same spotty pink I'd used for the appliqué and again put a wee pocket on the inside.

I'm really happy with both of these bags. I might just have to make some others. I mean, you can never have too many bags - can you?

Friday, 29 July 2016

berries, juice, a bag and a quilt

My camera has, yet again, come to my rescue reminding me of what I've been doing recently.

First of all, I got some strawberries for jam-making. I didn't make any jam - I just cleaned the berries, bagged them and put them in the freezer.

I used a couple of oranges to make some of Auntie Mary's orange juice - recipe is here.

Douglas and I finished a jigsaw.

I really enjoy doing jigsaws and we finally managed to find a table that we could leave the jigsaw out on all the time - much easier to finish the jigsaw if you can fit in a few pieces every time you pass the table.

This is the bag that made me think I could sell this type. Nothing more has been done on that front yet as I've been busy with a baby quilt this week - see later in this post for that.

I made (yet another) New Look 6344 top. This time the remnant only cost me £3 but it wasn't big enough to get sleeves out of it. I'm just as happy with the sleeveless version it's already been worn and is just as comfy as all the other versions I've made.

I sold another baby quilt - yay! The buyer asked me to send it directly to the new baby's parents with a note inside telling them who it was from. I used one of Debbie's drawings printed on a card for the note. Isn't that wee elephant adorable?

And finally, this is the baby quilt I've been working on this week to replace the one I sold. Strips of coloured fabrics and strips of white.

This is how it looked this morning with the strips all joined together …

Pinned and ready for quilting …

Quilted and ready for the binding … I *love* the bright green fleece on the back.

I hope to get the binding sewn on over the weekend and then get it photographed and loaded into the tartan bee.

It looks like I've been really busy but that's 2 weeks' worth of photos! In fact, if you peer at the strawberries in the first photo, you can see the sell-by date on them is the 16th of July. I would have bought them on the 12th of July - well over 2 weeks ago. Crumbs - time really does fly when you're having fun!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

ten things

1. Today the weather … started with HUGE thunder storms with lots of lightning and VERY loud thunder. Then, in the afternoon, it dried up and Douglas got the grass cut!

2. I am wearing … at the moment, I'm in what I call my comfy trousers and a polo shirt. During the day I actually wore a dress and I loved it. I need to wear dresses more often - they're very comfy in the sticky heat!

3. I am listening to … Aled Jones' CD "One Voice".

It's Aled (the adult) singing with recordings of himself when he was a boy. I bought it last week and have been playing it repeatedly ever since.

4. In the kitchen … I've been making Mars Bar cakes. So easy and so good. The recipe is here. (Scroll down)

5. I am feeling … too warm. It's almost worse than feeling cold. At least, when you feel cold, you can add more clothes or blankies or quilts. When you're warm, you can only take off so many things before you embarrass yourself - and all those around you too! :oD

6. I am going … to the supermarket in the morning. Not my favourite place to go but I'm thinking of looking at the duvet covers to see if I can pick up any bargains.

7. In the sewing room … I'm planning to make some bags like the one I made myself -

- to sell in the tartan bee. I've got the denim and plenty of lining fabrics - just waiting for some cover buttons to come in the post and I should be ready to sew.

8. In the garden … our raspberries are ripening beautifully. We had some with ice cream tonight - oh so good!

9. I am reading … a book on my Kindle called "Pariah" by Catherine Gayle. It's the second book of a series of three. I enjoyed the first one ("Wallflower") so am hoping that this one is good too.

10. A quote to live by … Don't criticise others until you've walked a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticise them, you're a mile away … and you have their shoes!!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

a new skirt, appliqués and Tilly

I made myself a new denim skirt last week. I used the pattern that I made using the book "Sew What Skirts". Another really comfortable skirt!

At the weekend, I decided it was way past time to play with my new toy embroidery machine so that's exactly what I did. I cut white fabric into 8" squares and just randomly picked some appliqués from my collection of designs.

I must admit, I didn't give any thought to how a hippo with chicken pox might look! Now we know. :oD

I'll just let you look at the others without comment from me. My fingers are there only to show the size of the designs.

I've decided that, although I do like embroidering with my new machine, I really do enjoy doing appliqués. It's also a great way to use some of the wee bits of fabric I've kept "just in case" I might need them. Now I do!

Tilly came to keep me company in the sewing room this morning and she was sitting so prettily on the chair, I just had to take a photo of her. Butter wouldn't melt, eh?

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

more bags, more pinnies and another 6344

I did some more tartan bee sewing last week. Bags - 2 of all of these apart from the red sheep which I only had enough fabric to make 1.

And pinnies - 1 of all of these:

Then this week, I decided to do some dressmaking for a wee change. I got a remnant of flowery viscose for all of £4 and managed to eke out another New Look 6344 - view C this time - no collar.

To be honest, even as I bought the fabric, I wasn't too sure I liked it.

Then I washed it and ironed it and still wasn't too sure. Then I cut it out and started making it and thought - "meh".

But now that I see it made up and on dolly the dummy, I think I like it!

Not bad for £4!