Tuesday, 20 June 2017

a quilt and a cover

I've been a busy bee the couple of weeks making a new quilt. My quilt holder didn't duck down quite far enough when I took this photo - you can just see his head at the top of the quilt! LOL

I used a free pattern from here and was going to follow the tutorial to the letter but I didn't. No real surprise there! The pattern calls for 96 5" squares. I really didn't fancy cutting 96 5" squares when I have all those 4½" squares that I spent all that time cutting out whilst waiting for Miss Emily to put in an appearance. So, I decided to use those instead. Of course that meant I had to then re-calculate all the other sizes used in the quilt but that was no problem to this Maths-teacher-in-a-previous-life!

I made my sashings a lot wider than the pattern used as well so, basically, when it comes down to it, I changed almost everything. Well, other than the white square surrounded by some small squares of patterned fabrics and placing them on-point. Anyway, after all that calculating and sewing and quilting and binding, it's made and I'm really happy with it.

The back is a piece of fleece in the Black Watch tartan. I LOVE it! This quilt is for a gift - I hope they like it!

The other thing I sewed this week was much easier and less time-consuming than the quilt. My rotary washing line has a cover that was a disgrace! I had already mended it once and it was just getting tattier every time it came off or was put back on.

When I was looking for something else entirely in my cleaning things box in the upstairs hall cupboard, I found 2 shower curtains. Plain white shower curtains. 2 of them. I don't remember buying them - and, if I did buy them, why on earth would I put them in the cleaning box and not in the sewing room? Also, if I did buy them, why would I buy 2? We only have 1 shower in this house. Odd, most odd.

I cut one of them in half up the middle, folded it in half lengthwise and sewed one short edge and one long edge. I am now not ashamed of my washing line cover! Now all I need to do is ask Douglas to move the line to another part of the grass so that it stands up straight again.

Please note the passing train to Dundee - the blue and white bit through the trees! :o)

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

jam, tops and thank heaven!

I decided that it was about time - way past time - to make jam with the berries I bought and froze last summer. I made a batch of raspberry jam:

And a batch of strawberry jam. They are both soooooooo good.

Last week I made myself another top using this pattern: New Look 6344.

I made view C but lengthened it by 2" and changed the sleeves to a split sleeve.

Here's a close up of the sleeve - very comfy!

I made another embroidery for Miss Emily. The embroidery is from here. (They don't know who I am - just passing on the info in case anyone is interested.)

It's stapled on to one of those canvas frames that you can buy to paint on - or make a clock with like I did here. (Good grief, that's nearly 4 years ago!) I have quite a few more of those canvas frames so no doubt I'll be making a few more embroideries to attach to them.

This week I've made another top using the same New Look pattern as above with the adapted sleeves. Isn't this fabric just so much fun?

And here are the sleeves.

And finally, a photo of Emily lying on the starry quilt I made for her watching her new embroidered toys hanging above her. She has a hold of the orange octopus in one hand and later had a hold of the pink fish in the other hand (at the same time).

Fun times! :o)

Thursday, 25 May 2017

hanging things

Since Emily loves her mobile that Joanna made her so much - see here for that post - Debbie decided she wanted to make her something similar that she could look at during the day - not just at changing time. She asked me what we could use as hanging things and I said to leave it with me.

This is what I came up with. They're all made on my embroidery machine as what's called "in the hoop" designs - in other words, the whole thing is made in the hoop of the embroidery machine with only a little finishing off by hand (or, in my case, by sewing machine).

I started off with a piggy. I seem to have not taken a photo of the piggy so I've used a photo from Joanna's camera - Tilly shows the scale of this one!

Then I made a horse: (as always, my fingers are there to show the scale)

And a hen:

Then I deviated from the farm theme and made a fish:

A starfish:

A seahorse:

A turtle:

And an octopus:

Then Joanna pointed out that if there was a farm theme - think Old MacDonald - there had to be a cow and a sheep. So ... a cow:

And a sheep:

They're all now waiting for Emily's next visit to Grammie and Papa's house on Saturday. Can't wait! I'm sure she'll love looking at them - although *nothing* could ever beat the mobile that Joanna made.

All the designs I used above came from emblibrary.com - they have no idea who I am, I receive nothing from them for linking to their site. I just put it out there for anyone reading this who's interested.

Monday, 8 May 2017

various sewn projects and baby belly laughs

A bit of a mixed post today. Let's start with a needlecase I made for myself.

Here's the inside:

Then I decided I "needed" to make a couple of pincushions to match. Using hedgehog fabric for pincushions - and a needlecase - just seems quite appropriate, don't you think?

Next I used my ex-Maths teacher skills to make a cube. Funny how the template for making a cube came flooding back to me without too much thought. Some things are wedged in my brain forever, it seems!

I used 6 of the gazillions of 4½" squares I cut out recently.

I quilted each side first then joined them and lightly stuffed the cube.

Emily's quite fond of it! It's not as big as it looks - it finished at just under 4" per side.

It's been quite a while since I played with my embroidery machine so I decided it was about time to remedy that. As always, my fingers are there to show the scale.

I really enjoyed playing with the embroidery machine again. I need to do it more often!

The turtle, pig, zebra and tiger all came from emblibrary.com and the stag's head came from planetapplique.com. Neither of those are affiliate links - I just put them there in case anyone's interested!

Now, this is the best bit of this post. Emily and I were playing at the weekend and the belly laughs that came from her - and from me!! - were hilarious. Joanna caught us on her phone. So. Much. Fun!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

some skirts

I've been busy making skirts for a couple of young ladies recently. First, Debbie asked me how easy it would be for me to make some skirts for Emily. "Easy peasy" says I. I asked her to measure the one skirt that Emily had and I'd take it from there.

I made her a denim skirt with a broderie anglaise lace trim:

A red stripey cotton skirt with ricrac trim:

A bright pink needlecord with a fancy ribbon trim:

A royal blue needlecord with another fancy ribbon trim.

I *knew* there was a reason I've been hanging on to all those ribbon trims for years - decades if the truth were told! I remember saying once before on here that my Grandad used to say that, if you kept a thing for 7 years, you'd find a use for it. I suspect I flitted most of these trims when we moved up to Inverness in 1989 - and back down when we moved here in 2000! I know my Grandad would be proud of me! :oD

Debbie sent me a photo of Emily wearing her new denim skirt - how gorgeous does she look?

The other young lady getting skirts was Joanna. Not nearly as fancy as Emily's skirts but she likes them - thankfully!

One in the Lindsay tartan:

And one in a grey stripe - the stripe is hardly visible in real life, never mind in photos!

I used some bias binding I'd made (a few years ago) instead of the skirt facings and also put it around the inside of the hem.

I suppose Joanna's skirts are quite fancy then - on the inside! :oD

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

making a lookalike outfit

I made a dress for Emily recently:

Here's the back. Does this ring any bells?

I used this pattern - Burda 9752 view B but I lengthened the sleeves.

Then I found a free hat pattern online and made a wee yellow hat. Any bells yet?

Then I knitted up a pink pair of bootees.

Does anything look familiar yet?

How about now?

When we were over at Debbie's last weekend, we tried everything on baby Emily and put her and dolly Emily together to see how good they looked together.

Gorgeous, yes?

The dress fits perfectly, the hat is a bit big and the bootees were really only made to complete the lookalike outfit but we all think both Emilys look amazing!

Fun times!